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The evening Awards is our capstone event of the year where our high energy Pipeline network gathers for awards for growth, leadership and of course our Innovator of the Year. Known as a very “out of the box” formal affair, you can look forward to robust networking, entertainment, dinner, dancing and famous Pipeline “antics.” This is a don’t miss event!

Pipeline is about the many entrepreneurs within it—both working hard to individually to succeed in building a high impact company, while simultaneously aspiring to help each other and Pipeline as we strive to be more successful and supportive as a group. This award recognizes outstanding contributions by a Pipeline Member to the organization and the many peers within it.



Pipeline Members continue to work with the Pipeline organization, and each other, as they grow and scale their businesses. This award recognizes a Pipeline Member for a particularly strong demonstration of growth, be it revenue, capital raised, creation of high-salaried jobs, new ventures or innovation.


The Pipeline Innovator of the Year award is the one award that only current Pipeline Fellows compete for and is based on three components—performance during the Pipeline year, scores from their retooled business plans post Pipeline impact and presentations given during The Innovators daytime competition event in January.



In order for Pipeline entrepreneurs to succeed—and for Pipeline to thrive as a tool for that success—we need the involvement of leaders who contribute in a very meaningful way. Such contributions may be through consistent mentoring, strategic investment, or working to expand the impact of our program for the greater entrepreneurial region.